I have removed names out of respect for privacy of those I serve:

“I am feeling the physical, spiritual, and psychological difference it is making already.”

“You are a gifted healer! You made me feel so comfortable that my heart can not avoid opening up. Every aspect of the session was perfect.”

“What I appreciated most about your words was that my inner truth was telling me that you were coming from a place of integrity and compassion.”

“Somehow, I feel that I am in a better mood and am not my usual depressed self.”

“I feel very different, like I am myself again- and so much better.  I no longer feel like I did when I wrote you initially.  I wanted to wait a bit to write to you.  The feeling around me is as clear as it was the night this happened.  I’m thinking, talking, feeling, well…everything is more clear.  Lighter.  Safer.  Positive.”

“I felt something very relieving.  I felt much “lighter” in every sense.  Like weights or something that was holding me and the heavy feeling around me was gone.  Negativity I was feeling, gone.  It was very noticeable because I only felt ONLY all goodness all around me.”

“There are no words.  I am beyond thankful…”

“This is DEFINITELY your calling!”